About us

Founded by Andy, a former member of UKSF (United Kingdom Special Forces), the business was created to embody the core principles from UKSF selection process. These include honesty, integrity, humility & to be relentless in the pursuit of excellence. Values we strive for every day within our business. 


The business began in the shadows, solely suppling discreet military units and related entities with premium quality spirits & bespoke laser engraved items. We earned a reputation for quality, discretion and a ‘name’ for creating truly unique products for unique people. We grew steadily through personal recommendation.

Due to demand and market feedback the team decided to launch to a wider military audience. But in a flooded market place, we needed something different to capture the attention of the market. 


Andy was on a hunting trip in the Scottish Highlands with some former colleagues and after a few drams came up with the idea of putting a Commando Dagger in a bottle and pouring the liquid through the handle. The idea was deemed as crazy, but not one to give up easily, Andy started developing a product and prepared it for market launch.

From a chance whisky induced idea in the Scottish Highlands, the blade series was born and the initial Commando Dagger project with the Royal Marines was a rapid sell out success! From one initial product we now have over 15 in the blade series.  We stand by our unwavering commitment to quality, premium spirits and world class packaging for all of our customers. 


We welcome out of the box thinking & crazy ideas. Nothing exciting ever happened re-inventing the wheel. From humble beginnings we have now formalised international licensing deals with global players - we are exporting products to numerous different countries across all sectors, military & now civillian. 

We hope you enjoy our website and products, we appreciate your ongoing support.


Thank you for reading, we look forward to working with you,  


Hotspur LEAF Team

Unique Products for Unique People