Welcome to the military version of the OPERATOR.

Here you can customise your OPERATOR with your own insignia and personalised text.

Supplied in a real, used, 40mm grenade ammo tin.

  • Detailed replica of an operator wearing NVGs - Night Vision Goggles - and 'Fast' style helmet. 
  • Green illumination around the NVG's is initiated by a motion sensor in the helmet. If it senses movement, the NVG lights 'turn on'.  He sees you!
  • When the green NVG lights are triggered, and IR strobe on the top of the helmet is also triggered. This IR light is only visible through NVGs and allows operators to see friendly soldiers near them and to easily identify them in the dark. 
  • The illuminations last for 20 seconds, then they turn off. They will be triggered again by movement. 
  • The illumination is powered by an internal lith-ion battery, this is rechargeable via a USB-C port - charging cable included. 
  • The outer helmet is hand cast in the UK from solid pewter. 
  • The pewter outer is bolted, with stainless bolts, to an internal 304 stainless steel carriage that also supports and holds the electronics.
  • 304 stainless steel pouring spout that engages with the stainless carriage and seals via an o'ring seal.