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Welcome to the Mercians Regiment  Hotspur LEAF Hosted virtual shop. 

Hotspur LEAF is a veteran owned business that specialises in premium gifting for the Police and Military communities. Most of our designs, like our blades series bottles & our grenade drinks flasks, are unique to us and every product can be personalised. Every one of our products is laser engraved and hand finished in the UK. You can rest assured that anything you purchase from us is premium quality. 

We are proud to be able to offer products to the Mercians Regiment. If you have any questions, please contact us directly -

A percentage of every sale is donated to the designated Regimental charity.

The Mercian infantryman is at the heart of the action, providing the fighting element of the British Army's forces.

Ready to decisively engage the enemy in close quarter combat, Mercians are highly skilled with sophisticated weapon systems ranging from the SA80 A2 rifle through to the Warrior Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle with its 30mm cannon.

Professional, courageous and fiercely proud of our regiment, Mercians are highly regarded throughout the British Army and we are regularly called upon for operations both in peacetime and during armed conflict.

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